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Donate a used bicycle

Contact Us to learn how to donate your bike (it's tax deductible!). The bike will be refurbished if needed, and will be: 1) sold by the Recyclery to support Trips for Kids, 2) donated to a child through our Earn a Bike program, or 3) used for trail rides.

There are three ways to support Trips for Kids...


Donate your time

Contact Us to learn how to donate your time. Our needs vary depending on which programs we currently have in session, but we are often looking for volunteers to assist with our trail rides.


Donate money to TFK BHM

Contact Us to learn how to donate money directly to TFK Birmingham. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, so your donation will be tax deductible. Even the smallest donation will make a big difference in a kid's life!

Trips for Kids National

Trips for Kids Birmingham is a chapter of Trips for Kids, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in California. Since 1988, the organization has expanded to a network of 75 independently managed chapters located throughout North America. Trips for Kids has enriched the lives of more than 200,000 youth through their youth development programs, which include Discovery Trails Rides, Adventure Club Rides, Mobile Bike Clinics, ReCyclery Bike Shops and the signature Earn-a-Bike program that helps youth build confidence and develop job readiness skills.


Trips for Kids' chapters utilize national standards of excellence developed in their flagship chapter, but are locally managed to ensure they meet the specific needs of the community they serve. To learn more about Trips for Kids, please click here.

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