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Empowering children with the

joy of owning a bike.

Build character. Learn new skills. Earn a free bike.


Kids earn their bike by completing a six-week series of hands-on lessons covering bicycle safety, maintenance, and repair while learning responsibility, achievement, and self empowerment. 

During the six weeks Earn a Bike students will serve their community at the Christian Service Mission, and even work occasionally in the bike shop beside the mechanics. These learning experiences will focus on respect, honest, teamwork, overcoming challenges, healthy and safe lifestyles, and service.

Once they complete all the requirements, students can choose a bike, lock, and helmet (all for free)... and they'll be able to change a flat tire and take care of their new bike.

Request the Earn a Bike program

for your child's school!

Email or call Trips for Kids at (205) 908-0564 to learn how to get the Earn a Bike program available at your child's school. The program will always be completely free to the kids, parents, and schools. Thanks for reaching out!

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